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How to wear the Lone Worker Device

Mercari’s lone worker devices provide essential support for team members in need, ensuring they are always connected through wearable technology.

Whether worn on the wrist, around the neck, or discreetly in a pocket, these devices offer various options to suit individual preferences. The wrist band option is versatile and convenient, while the lanyard is best suited for fall detection scenarios. Additionally, the belt clip and arm band options offer flexibility for different work environments.

With Mercari’s wearable lone worker technology, immediate help is just push of a button away, granting peace of mind to both employees and employers. The cellular communication lifeline of the device ensures that vulnerable team members are never truly alone during their work shifts. These devices are designed with safety and practicality in mind, allowing seamless integration into different work routines.

Mercari’s commitment to innovative solutions for lone workers underscores their dedication to employee well-being and safety. By incorporating advanced technology into wearable devices, they prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in providing assistance when needed. With a range of customizable wearable options available, Mercari aims to cater to the unique circumstances and requirements of each user.

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