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Lone worker alarm device provides individuals who work alone with a way to get help in an emergency. The alarm is triggered by simply pressing the SOS button, and it starts calling out to up 8 different emergency contact who may be employers, other staff or even emergency services.

The 4G Personal GPS Tracker Alarm is the latest technology alarm available in USA, Canada Europe, UK, Australia & New Zealand offering the broadest range of features:
Fully Mobile Alarm – protection at home and away from it
Family & Friends Alarm Monitoring (So no ongoing fees)– calls and texts up to 8 telephone numbers
GPS tracking Positioning & Location Finding – Google Maps location sent to nominated contacts
Talking Pendant: full two-way communication is available through the pendant
Automatic Fall Detection – alarm activates automatically when it senses a serious fall
Geo Fencing – If a wandering patient or loved one breaks the invisible fence, caregivers are alerted
Quad band – Works 4G GSM SIM cards worldwide

Simple Alarm Activation

The alarm is activated by simply holding down the large central “SOS” button. It then goes into emergency mode and automatically starts call up to 8 nominated emergency contacts. 

One or Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio allows you to speak to a specified emergency contact when activating an alarm to one of your pre nominated mobile phone numbers at the touch of a button. Acts like a hands free speaker phone with powerful speaker and mic for voice to voice communication.

24 Hour Emergency Response

Using smaller than palm-sized lone worker device, fitted with the latest cellular and GPS technology, a call for help is just the press of button away. This means your SOS calls can be monitored by friends, family or colleagues 24 hours a day.

 GPS Locating

A management feature allows you to request the device’s GPS location by simply sending it an SMS text message. A reply with a web link to google maps with the device’s last known GPS position will be sent back to your Smart Phone.

 Long Battery Life

The device comes with a charging dock which takes approximately 3 hours to charge. A full charge will give approximately 3 days use (in default settings)

Compact design

Weighing only 56 grams, the robust and lightweight design makes it convenient to use in everyday use. It can be worn around the neck on a lanyard, attached to a keyring, or even left in the pocket.


Secure your workers safety for only $315

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