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GPS trackers are tiny, cost-effective devices that have the power to save lives.


GPS trackers offer real-time tracking capabilities, enabling employers to monitor the location of their employees at all times. This feature is particularly crucial in high-risk areas where potential dangers may arise unexpectedly. By equipping employees with GPS trackers, employers can ensure their well-being by keeping a constant eye on their movements. In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents or natural disasters, the GPS tracker’s precise location data can prove invaluable for quick and efficient response efforts. With accurate real-time tracking, employers can optimize resource allocation, provide timely assistance with rescue or 911, and maintain a proactive approach to employee safety.


SOS Alarm and Emergency Assistance: The GPS Tracker Locator with SOS Alarm is equipped with an emergency panic button that employees can activate in threatening or dangerous situations. When pressed, this button instantly sends an alert to the designated monitoring center or employer, indicating the employee’s precise location. Employers can then respond swiftly by initiating appropriate actions, such as contacting emergency services or dispatching on-site security personnel.

The SOS alarm feature serves as a lifeline for employees in distress, offering them a sense of security and reassurance. In situations like robbery, assault, or medical emergencies, immediate help from a personal alarm can make all the difference. By incorporating GPS trackers with SOS alarms into their risk management strategies, employers demonstrate a commitment to employee safety and establish an environment of trust and support.

Enhanced Employee Confidence and Peace of Mind: Knowing they are equipped with GPS trackers and SOS alarms, employees gain a sense of confidence and peace of mind while working in high-risk areas. This enhanced feeling of security positively impacts their overall well-being and job satisfaction. By providing employees with these devices, employers demonstrate their dedication to creating a safe work environment, fostering loyalty, and attracting top talent.

In the modern workplace, where safety is paramount, GPS Tracker Locators with SOS Alarms have become essential tools for employers operating in areas of risk. The real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, along with the SOS alarm feature, provide immediate assistance to employees in distress and enable employers to respond promptly to emergencies. By utilizing these devices, employers enhance employee confidence, job satisfaction, and overall well-being. Investing in employee safety not only mitigates risks but also creates a culture of care and support, benefiting both employees and the business as a whole.


GPS stands for global positioning system. It refers to multiple satellites that orbit the planet and send signals to GPS devices, helping you pinpoint an exact location on earth.


If the device is unable to locate any GPS satellite signals (Such as inside a building or carpark – anywhere with no line of sight to the sky), it will use GSM & Wifi signals to give a ‘relative’ location instead.


Lone worker trackers are designed to help employers monitor the safety of their workers and provide employees with extra assistance should they need it. GPS tracking allows manager or employers to quickly get a GPS location of employees or contractors, permitting a quick and efficient accounting of peoples whereabouts. Every second counts in a dangerous situation, and GPS tracking can save precious time.

The device also has a Geo fence function. Create a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of GPS technology, enabling the lone worker device to trigger an SMS response message to emergency contacts when the device enters or leaves the boundary (Geofence) area.


Alert emergency contacts for backup. In many types of business or industry, workplace safety risks can arise unexpectedly. Being able to pinpoint someone’s location if they need help, feel threatened or have been injured can potentially save lives.