Lone Worker Devices – Personal Alarm – GPS Tracker

Monitor – Help – Locate

The lone worker devices are a discreet safety tool, which provides a means of communication with employers, friends, family or co-workers, or in some instances, emergency services, when the user requires assistance or feels threatened. Lone worker alarms maintain an added level of safety for people when traveling, working alone or meeting unfamiliar persons.



Easy to use, simply press the emergency SOS button, triggering the device to call out to 8 different emergency responders in sequence until the call is answered. 


When the Lone Worker Device is activated, it automatically sends users location to selected emergency contacts cell phones. The device can also be GPS located in the event the wearer has gone missing or is location unknown.



This is a ‘self monitoring’ device. Unlike many competitors, we allow its alert systems to be programmed to be monitored by up to eight contacts of your choice.



 Lone Worker Solution For Employers 

   In many countries including USA, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand; employers are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of their staff, employees and in some cases contractors. Though companies are required by law to be safety conscious of all their employees in a workplace, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration currently does not provide a standard for managing lone worker safety.  

If your staff work alone, remotely or in potentially hazardous environments, knowing if something goes wrong or if they need help, you can aide in their assistance with a Lone Worker Monitoring Device.

 Lone worker alarms allow the lone worker to raise an alarm when they need assistance. Meet your duty of care while providing them with the confidence – knowing their safety is being looked after. Monitor your workers safety in real-time. Fall detection, no-motion, manual SOS. Personal Alarm.  


Simple To Use

The device is designed to be simple and easy-to-use.  Summon help at the press of a button and it starts calling out to your nominated emergency contacts until someone is reached. 

Low Cost

The simple, straight forward operation and capability of the Lone Worker Device allows us to deliver it to you at incredible value, only $315 to invest in your worker safety. 

Worker Safety

One of the most productive means for helping worker safety is to promote watchfulness amongst employees. Employees and workers are often trained to look out for their fellow colleagues, from recognizing signs of mental health problems, to alerting each other to dangerous conditions such as confined spaces, slippery surfaces or hazardous environments .

While safety training helps a lot to increase workplace safety, it isn’t effective enough for lone workers. This type of worker whose jobs require them to operate in isolation from other workers and often without supervision. These workers face additional safety hazards, additionally to the risks present for all other workers in the field or a work site. Lone workers cannot call out for help to a fellow worker in the event of an emergency. A Lone Worker Device is critical to their safety. If you value your worker safety,  $315 is a small investment to assist in their wellbeing.  

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Pay with Credit Card. No Ongoing monitoring costs or fees 

The Personal GPS tracker comes complete with – Desktop charger/docking station, charging cable, internal rechargeable battery & instructions. Requires 4G SIM card to operate (Not Supplied)

Help is just a press of a button away. It is perfect for employers who value their employees health & safety.