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Lone Worker


Man Down Personal Safety Alarm

Emergency locate and respond Lone Worker Man Down solution for people who work alone, remotely or in areas where personal safety is a concern.

 This lightweight personal alarm allows lone workers to signal for help in an emergency or duress situation. It has a range of functionality including fall detection – Man Down, GPS tracking and SOS alarm – enabling the user to quickly signal for help, while allowing responders to send support directly to their location.

German Design, Swiss precision GPS, Award winning for design & quality.

Simple & easy to use, low cost, contact up to 10 different people in an emergency (including 911)

No Contracts. No Monitoring Fees.

You Own It. Easy to Program

Lone Worker Safety

Its A Device That Could Save A Life

Personal Alarm

The Lone Worker Device is a personal alarm safety device that allows individuals to call for help in an emergency situation simply by pressing a button. The Lone Worker Device usually comes in the form of a wearable pendant as a watch, on a belt clip or lanyard and features a large, clear button that can be pressed at any time

Man Down - Fall Detection

A fall detection pendant is a wearable device that is designed to detect falls and automatically alert emergency services or up to 10 designated contacts in case of an emergency. The device is intended to provide peace of mind and an extra layer of safety for people who are in danger of falls or working at heights.

GPS Tracker Locator

The value of GPS tracking for the safety of employees lies in its ability to locate and monitor the whereabouts and movements of employees in real-time. This information can help employers ensure that their employees are safe while working, especially in high-risk environments such as remote locations, dangerous work sites, or hazardous transportation routes. 

What is  a Lone Worker/Man Down Alarm?

A Lone Worker Man Down Alarm is a safety device used to alert employers or nominated emergency contacts in the event that a worker, who is working alone or in a potentially hazardous environment, experiences a medical emergency or other incident where they are unable to alert for help themselves. The device is worn by the worker around the neck, on a belt clip or wristband, and, when activated, sends an SMS message followed by a call to the emergency contacts indicating that the lone worker is in danger, has fallen or become incapacitated and requires assistance. The aim of this technology is to provide workers with a way to quickly alert for help in an emergency, increasing the speed and effectiveness of a rescue or medical response.

When the Emergency SOS has been pressed it alerts up to 10 contacts immediately via SMS along with GPS location data. Additionally it can be programmed to automatically start calling out to those contacts in sequence or wait for an incoming call. Acting like a hands free speaker phone, the device provides high quality voice to voice communication.

Less than 40 grams its lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand. Provides safety anywhere you have a cellular phone signal; whether you’re in the office, at home, in the mall or at the park. With a Lone Worker Alarm, your staff will be better protected everywhere.

Many devices on the market will only activate if the button is pressed, but this solution has an automatic fall detector that senses a fall and activates the alarm after sensing a drop in altitude and impact. This is extremely useful because some falls can render victims unconscious or immobile and impair their ability to get help.

Quickly finds where the pendant is located by sending a PING request. This is an incredibly handy function for people who wander and get lost easily.

Creates a safety zone or virtual fence for better monitoring and protection. If the pendant goes outside its predetermined area, all contacts are immediately notified.

Depending on the use of the battery, the alarm will last approximately 2-3 days depending on use. You can change the settings to extend the battery life to over a month.

Step-by-step instructions are included with every unit, so you can know every feature and function. We even have some set up videos

GPS Tracker SOS

Can be worn around neck, on wrist or on belt. Comes with Free wristband and beltclip!

SOS Wristband

The Lone Worker Device Alarm is an excellent device for people who go about their activities away from the workplace, or in high risk environments while having the ability to raise an alarm for Help if needed.

The alarm pendant is a portable, light weight, easy to use alarm device that operates using 4G cellular network coverage areas.

How it works is you simply press and hold down the large SOS button in the center of the device for approximately 2 seconds. This activates an emergency SMS (and voice call if desired) which is received by up to 10 of your own nominated emergency contacts. Utilizing a high quality and powerful speaker & mic, 2 way voice communication can be established to determine the situational needs.

In addition when pressing the SOS button,GPS coordinates are automatically sent from the device to help your nominated contact identify your last known GPS location.

Other features include:

There is a simple to follow step by step guide provided and a video to help you – Youtube Video – Learn more

Only USD $357 including shipping. Comes with Free wristband and belt clip!