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Personal Alarm

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How it works

 The lone worker device is a  ‘Go anywhere’ personal alarm with inbuilt GPS tracking/locating capabilities.

LOCATION FINDING – If you’re trying to locate an employee, using your own smartphone you can query the devices location via sms. The unit respond by returning an SMS with the employees location. This SMS  will contain the Google Maps link, simply tapping the link will display the location of the device on Google Maps.

GEO FENCE – Geofence is a service that triggers an alert to managers when a device enters or exits a set location

FALL DETECTION –Serious falls are able to be detected and set off an automatic emergency ‘help me’ sequence.

VOICE TO VOICE COMMUNICATION– When activated the device will call out to responders in sequence providing voice to voice communications with a high quality load speaker and microphone.

 EMERGENCY RECOGNITION. Unlike many similar devices, when the device has been activated, its cycles through its emergency responders contact list until the call is answered by and accepted human. Without a recognition (By pressing #1 on your smart phone) the call sequence will continue until a recognition has been made.  

EASY TO PROGRAM – Simply program the personal security alarm by texting commands from any mobile phone. Easy to follow instructions are included in the box.


#1: Pressing SOS sends help text messages emergency contacts

The personal alarm will send a “Help Me” text/SMS to the emergency contact person.

#2: GPS location is included in the SMS/text message

The ‘help me’ text messages automatically contain a link to Google Maps with the devices last known GPS fixed location.

#3: Calls your chosen emergency contacts sequentially in your preferred order

Press the SOS button and the alarm pendant begins to call your contacts in your chosen order.

#4: Device automatically calls and answers in speakerphone mode

When the first responder accepts the Emergency call (Press #1 on their smartphone), no need to fiddle with buttons, it has hands free communication through the in-built powerful microphone and speakerphone.


Mangement Features


If you are an employer, emergency contact or responder for the lone worker alarm, there are features that can benefit you.

#1. Call into the device and use like a hands free cell phone. 

You can call the phone number of the pendant and talk to the wearer through the in-built hands free speaker and microphone.

#2. Location finding

Query the device for its location and it will silently reply via text showing the wearer’s location on a link to Google Maps.

#3. Any of the emergency contacts can be changed at any time

The lone worker alarm’s emergency contacts be can easily changed anytime by management.Emergency services may be included in some countries.

#4 Weatherproof – wear it in the shower or rain

The personal alarm is weatherproof so it can be worn in the shower or the rain. It is also dust proof and can be used in dusty or rugged locations with care.

#5 Easy recharging station. 1 Charge gives 3 Days use.

The included charging station allows the wearer to pop in it in there when it needs to be recharged. Many people keep the charging station next to their bed and recharge it overnight. One recharge should give about 3 days use.

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