GPS Tracking Unit


A GPS tracking unit is built into the lone worker device which is carried by a person or employee which uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device’s movements and determine its location.

Business business owners will want to supervise and track their employees during work hours. This helps with both efficiencies and safety. Is your employee where they are supposed to be? How do you find their location in an emergency?  What is the best, most  simple, cost effective device an owner or manager can use to monitor their workforce? Our Lone Worker Device is a cost effective GPS Tracking Unit and Personal Alarm.

Whatever your circumstance – whether you are the person in need of help, or a manager worried about the whereabouts of a staff member, a personal SOS alarm with GPS location Tracking is for you. 

GPS trackers allow owner or managers to monitor staff or individuals when they are working alone or remotely. GPS trackers specifically designed employers who value staff safety, by providing lone worker alarms with emergency help buttons and GPS location finding abilities.

A GPS tracking unit can be a lifesaving device. A combination tracker alarm can provide peace of mind for business owners or management knowing that you can quickly locate your staff or individuals should they wander or become lost and they can activate the SOS should they feel they need assistance or become disorientated.  Our latest 4G GPS tracker alarm is discrete, allowing users to keep them around the neck or even a pocket. Being able to locate your staff could literally save their lives.

When someone is in need of help, or if you are trying to locate someone, this alarm with GPS Location tracking could be invaluable.