Features & Specifications


Personal Alarm

Simple and easy to operate, one button emergency SOS, tries to contact up to 8 different personal contacts. 


Fall Detection

Automatic serious Fall detection, sending emergency contacts a ‘Help me’ SMS/text message. 

GPS Tracking

Track and locate the whereabouts of your staff or vehicles in real time via your Smartphone

Geo Fencing

Advanced feature that idenitifies if your users have entered or exited a safe zone or restriced area.


Voice to Voice Communication

Voice to voice communication is activated automatically in the event of an emergency, 

Self Monitored

Designed for self monitoring, up to 8 different contact numbers of your choice can be programmed into the personal emergency alarm. (includes emergency services in some contiries)

Global Reach

Working with the latest 3g/4g cellular technology, the lone worker device is able to operate world wide (Roaming SIM card required – Not Supplied)

No Ongoing Costs

Once you purchase the device, you own it. No ongoing cost, its yours.


The device is a quad band 4G tracker that is backward compatible to 3G, so it will automatically step down to a 3G signal when 4G is unavailable. 

During an emergency, the user can press the SOS button on the device to summon help. By doing so, the device will inform up to 8 contacts of the emergency and send each one a GPS Google map of the user’s location.

The device will also call up to 8 contacts and has voice recognition which means, unlike the older 3G version, it overcomes answer phones and will continue calling out to care givers until the phone is answered by a human.

Once connected to the emergency contact, the user is able to communicate hands-free via a powerful speaker and microphone.

 The device has an OLED screen on the front to display status. The screen indicator shows  power, Date, Time, GPS and GSM signal. With a 1020mAh battery capacity, the tracker alarm can last up to a week of standby time. 

This is a fully featured mobile alarm including Fall Detection.  

The 4G GPS Tracker Alarm has a number of features that exceed older 3G tech on the market. 


Features & Specs



Supports 3G/4G network

Real-time locating.

SOS/Fall down alarm


Over speed alarm.

Low battery alarm. 

Display text content on Screen

Water proof (IP67)

Tracking via SMS/text

GPS Position information with Google map link

Wireless Dock station (Qi) charging capable

Dimension: 46*48*19mm

Weight: 56g

Network: GSM/GPRS

3G Band: B1/B2/B5/B6/B8/B19(Default is 3G)

GPS chip: MTK chip

Screen size: 128*64 (OLED)

GPS sensitivity: Cold start: -148dBm; Warm start: -163dBm; Hot start: -165dBm

GPS Start time: Cold start: 30s;  warm start: 22s; hot start: 1s

GPS accuracy: ≤10

Operation temperature: -20℃

Humidity: 5%-95% non-condensing


Battery: 1020mAh, 3.7


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