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GPS accuracy depends on your environment & settings.

The device GPS uses satellites and tracks your location up to around 20 meters. When you’re inside buildings or underground, the GPS is inaccurate as the signal finds it harder to get through.

Accuracy also depends on device settings. In default power saving mode, the device turns off the GPS when it has not detected movement for more than 2 min. This saves battery. In the event of an activation or tracking event, the device may give a ‘cold’ fix. This will be a less accurate location finding as the GPS has less time to establish contact to the GPS satellites. When the device detects movement, it tries to stay connected and gives ‘Hot’ fixes (very accurate depending on environment) .

Device can be programed to stay ‘all on’ & connected to the GPS satellites giving a constant ‘hot’ fix however battery life is substantially reduced.

If the device is unable to locate any GPS satellite signals, it will use GSM & Wifi signals to give a ‘relative’ location instead.